I am Damien Deville, a software engineer at OpenAI. Before that I was a principal engineer on the Developer Productivity team at Dropbox. Earlier on I worked on Project Infinite where I was responsible for the kernel component on Mac OS.

On the side I also run Bananafish Software where I develop software for the Mac such as Spillo, Dumper and Disco Dancer.

Previously I’ve spent three years leading development on Ember for Mac and iOS at Realmac Software in Brighton, UK.

I tend to spend a significant portion of my day in the debugger, poking around internals and disassembling frameworks. When I find cool stuff, I usually write about it.

I graduated from UCL with a double MSc in Computer Science and Financial Engineering some time ago. While doing this I wrote a couple of theses and research projects, you can find more about them here.

You can also download my résumé.