I’m a little bit late to the party but this site is now served over TLS and is thus marked as "secure" in browsers.

This blog was originally using Jekyll and was hosted on GitHub Pages, which didn’t use to have support for HTTPS when using a custom domain (which I did). They seem to have added support for it recently but I procrastinated and never actually switched.

As I was looking at updating some of the content on the about page, I decided that it was time to start supporting HTTPS and since checking a single checkbox on GitHub didn’t seem quite fun enough, I actually rebuilt the static content generation and decided to host the site on my own box (well, a shared box on Digital Ocean really). Sure, I could have kept Jekyll but I didn’t love the fact that it took something like 10 seconds to generate a few dozens HTML pages when my simple Rust program takes a fraction of a second.

Digital Ocean and Let’s Encrypt really make it trivial to serve a simple static website over TLS. Only a couple of minutes to create a new instance, set up Nginx and kick off certbot to get an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.