I like listening to podcasts. I find it relaxing and it’s often a nicer way to learn about stuff than by reading an article. I also like the fact that it gives a more human touch to a bunch of people I follow on the Internet.

Following is the list of podcasts I currently have in my podcast app (I use Instacast, an app that I couldn’t recommend enough).

The Talk Show with John Gruber

There’s no need to introduce Mr. John Gruber. His podcast is a very good way to stay up to date with everything surrounding the Apple world. Gruber always has very interesting guests and while the podcast can sometimes be a tad too long it’s always great to listen.

Accidental Tech Podcast

I won’t lie, the only reason I listen to this podcast is John Siracusa. I miss the podcast he used to host on 5by5 Hypercritical. John is a great technical writer and is very opinionated about everything OS X related. A great podcast.

The Prompt

A fairly recent addition to the 5by5 family of podcasts, hosted by Federico Viticci, Myke Hurley and Stephen Hackett. I particularly enjoy listening to Federico since I happen to share most of his cultural traits, having grown up in the same environment. It’s nice to listen about technology by someone that is not from the Anglo-Saxon world.


Hosted by Guy English and Rene Ritchie, Debug always has amazing guests. Depending on the guest, some episode can get a bit technical which I particularly enjoy.


Hosted by Daniel Jalkut from Red Sweater, Bitsplitting features well-known people from the tech industry. The podcast usually focuses on more personal traits that have affected the life of the interviewee. A top quality podcast.

Core Intuition

Hosted by Manton Reece and Daniel Jalkut, Core Intuition is a fun podcast discussing (Apple) developer related stuff.

Edge Cases

Hosted by Andrew Pontious and Wolf Rentzsch, Edge Cases is a podcast about Apple-related software development. One of the few (actually) technical podcast about software development, it’s always a great listen!


Hosted by Colin Barrett, Patrick Thomson, and Phillip Bowden. I couldn’t really find words to describe Postmodem so just give it a listen (P.S. it’s amazing).

Real Talk Podcast

Hosted by James Golick and Joe Damato, it’s describe as “The only technical podcast, highly technical and unedited”. A great show if you like debugging and low-level stuff.

Developing Perspective

Hosted by David Smith, Developing is a very short podcast (under 15 minutes) discussing iOS development. Highly recommended.

New Yorker: Fiction

The podcasting facet of the Books blog from the New Yorker, Fiction discusses a short story, preceded by an actual reading. Top quality, as you would expect from the New Yorker.

Just the Tip

Hosted by Amy Jane Gruber and Paul Kafasis, Just the Tip is a fun and relaxing podcast. While fairly recent, I am already looking forward to it every week!

Alza il Volume

(In Italian) Alza il Volume is a very good podcast discussing everything music related. I’ve discovered plenty of new bands and genre through it. If you speak Italian, give it a listen!