With Mountain Lion soon to be released next month, I am looking forward to read John Siracusa well renowned OS X review on Ars Technica. John puts a tremendous effort in reviewing our favorite operation system and his articles are always an amazing journey through every little updates and improvements in the OS release.

I have been a full-time OS X user since Tiger (I have used Mac OS 8 for a while in elementary school but my personal switch to the Mac, like many Europeans, was only around 2005). For this reason, the only reviews I actually had a chance to read were the ones for Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion. Feeling like I had been missing something, I decided to read the whole saga from the very first one: Developer Preview 2! It's been an amazing reading so far (I have just finished the 10.0 review) and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone even only slightly interested in OS X.

All the articles can be found on Ars Technica. Since there doesn't seem to be a global table of contents for the various reviews, I've linked to them below. Every article is split between multiple pages (some up to 25!); you can view the article on a single page if you become a subscriber though. For $5 a month, it's really a no-brainer, and the articles will save nicely in Instapaper.


Mac OS X DPs and Public Beta