I haven't had much time to blog about it since I made the switch but you might have noticed the new feel and look of my site!

I have moved away from WordPress for various reasons but mainly because I really did not like the idea of having my content living in a database. Also, I wanted to code the CSS myself and did not particularly want to go through the whole WP theme stuff.

So, the story in a nutshell, I am now generating a static version of this site with Jekyll. I write all the posts and bits in Markdown that I store as plain text files. I have written all the CSS using Sass (highly recommended by the way). I store my media files on Amazon S3 that I access with Amazon Cloud Front. I use TypeKit for serving and managing the fonts and the MathJax JavaScript display engine for rendering the mathematics formulae written with LaTeX. I am also using DISQUS for the comments on the posts.

I use quite a few new goodies of HTML 5 and CSS 3 so the site will render best on WebKit and fairly alright in Firefox. I checked that the site looked ok on the latest version of IE but I have no idea how it does on former versions. But frankly, I don't even give a rat's ass!

I am very happy with the look of the site on a desktop browser and Safari on the iPad (and I guess this applies to all tablet even though I haven't tested it). However, I still will have to write a mobile stylesheet for the iPhone (and other smartphones).

The very cool stuff is that I can now version control my entire website.