Yesterday I received my new laptop bag. I am really satisfied with it so I thought I would share my story.

Deciding on a bag is tricky. It's quite hard to find an item that matches your criteria for appearance, comfort and usability.

Since high school, I have been using a DJ bag form Manhattan Portage in black. It fits perfectly a 15'' laptop. I used it through most of university and have been quite happy with it. When I got my first 13'' MacBook, I logically got another bag from Manhattan Portage, a School Backpack that fits a 13'' laptop (and has a special compartment for it). I have been using this bag for a few years and absolutely loved it.

Last year, my girlfriend gave me a Swedish bag apparently quite trendy over there, a Fjällräven Kånken, the classic model in red. This bag is very fun, comfy and of very (very!) good quality (this was a second hand for I don't know which year but sincerely, I wouldn't know how to break the damn thing!). It fits a 13'' laptop quite alright, even if there is no special pocket for the laptop. I have used it for nearly a year and enjoyed it a lot. I also used it as my every day bag when my girlfriend and I went on a trip one month in Brazil last May and it's been a great companion!

However, when I got a 15'' MacBook Pro, I was not able to use it anymore so I had to get back to my DJ bag and outch! I forgot how uncomfortable a shoulder bag is versus a backpack. So I had to hunt for a new bag.

Tough times.. I couldn't decide on a model that I found attractive and that would take great care of my laptop (and my back). Until I realized that Fjällräven Kånken were not only doing the classic model but had recently released a 15'' laptop backpack. So I got one in black. It basically matches the appearance of the classic but is a bit bigger and also have a special back pocket for the laptop. You can thus use the front part of the bag as you would do with a normal bag but you have extra storage specially for your laptop against your back (the pocket actually matches perfectly the 15'' MackBook Pro so I guess they designed the bag with this laptop in mind). The back pocket is sensational; enough saying that it's the first time I dare putting my laptop into a bag without a sleeve (the laptop + the sleeve wouldn't fit in the back pocket anyway).

I highly recommend this bag. If you are interested, they also do the laptop backpack model for 13'' and 17'', just check their store.